Wednesday, 26 July 2017

iEARN 2017 Morocco -Conference Diary - Day 3 in pics and links part 2

Lunch Time

Time to have lunch and leave Ourika Valley towards Medina and the Souks

Moroccan cuisine is delicious, specially when you are with friends, soups, salads, main courses, dessert, bread and mint tea

Africa, America and Europe in a cross continental photo represented by Morocco, Brasil and Spain.

Medina, so beautiful, so impressive and so important 

The souks and medina of Morocco have a way of drawing in visitors to explore the labyrinth of alleys, shops, craftsmen, and life itself.

Again your bargaining skills and a guide can save your life in the universe of Souks, you can easily be swallowed in the labyrinth of tiny and entwined streets and pay an arm and a leg for supermarket items if you're not careful enough. At the same time you can find incredible things, eat good food and enjoy the buzzing of the market. All Morocco can be found here.

 I don't want to stay here, I wanna to go back to Bahia.
This man lived in Brasil and enjoyed a lot this song by Paulo Diniz. It was wonderful to meet him and sing together. 

I wanna to go back to Bahia was one of the greatest success in 70's and is definitely associated to the wave of protest against the military dictatorship that forced many Brazilians to leave the country, among them many artists.

A song of loneliness ~I wanna to go back to Bahia.

One cannot help but love this place.

A world of spices and a few brave folks camel riding.

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