Friday, 21 July 2017

iEARN 2017 - Conferece Diary - Day 1 in pics & links

iEARN - International Education and Resources Network is the largest organization that connects students through collaborative, educommunicative projects in the world, even though, it is not as largely known as it should be. It was thanks to my former teacher Dr. Celani's e-mail that I got in touch with one of iEARN projects, Adobe Youth Voices 7 years ago. Since then, I did not stop participating.

We were welcomed by a Marrocan music show and welcoming notes from the organizing committee. 

Poster Exhibition 

After the opening ceremony and plenary we moved to the poster exhibition hall where not only posters were available but, a lot of project material. 

Workshops in the afternoon

Teachers were free to choose which workshop to join according to their interests and my choice was Technology for a cause - Enhancing Skills Empowering Kids with Sheeba Ajmal from Pakistan. Many language teachers showed up.

I also attended Possibilities for intercultural change, presented by Cheng-Chun-Chen from Taiwan. Our schools are communicating by Teddy Bear project.  We hosted Happy Bear and they are hosting our Dilma Pinheiro, she was named Dilma after our elected president and Pinheiro after our school name, see also

Cultural Night

At night we had a great cultural party with all countries showing a little of their culture, our option was to talk about carimbó dance. 

Time to get ready for day 2 and hip hop presentation.