Monday, 26 March 2018

Sorria, você está na Bahia!

Yes! Smile, you're in Bahia! A message of welcome to tourists in general and it wouldn't be different to the thousands of participants who were in Salvador for the 13th World Social Forum. People who have come from all corners of the planet to think together a more sustainable, fairer and happier world. Is it possible? We can not stop trying. It was a real privilege to have participated in this experience, of course I could not take part in all the hundreds of activities that happened simultaneously in the Federal University of Bahia and in several points of Salvador. However there are a few sites and photos of some moments of this great world meeting I would like to share with you, starting with a few pics of the first-day march that culminated at Praça Castro Alves.

It was impressive to see the university opened to all communities to discuss education, environment issues, health, security, agroecology, human rights, equality, non violence, prejudice, racism, etc

 Carolina de Jesus, Brazilian writer, was remembered through the installation "The Trash Room" about her most famous book, about poverty and the hard life in the favelas (slums) of Brazil.  

On March the 14th, we were both shocked and revolted with the killing of the activist and council woman Marielle Franco. Many activities in the forum were dedicated to protest against this act of outrageous violence against women, human rights and dignity which reverberated around the world, even Pope Francisco phoned her mother to express his sadness and condolences.

Besides to march in protest, this tribute was made in her memory and will be exhibited in Rio de Janeiro.

Learn more about the World Social Forum - 2018, Salvador.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

World Social Forum - Salvador - 2018

The 13rd world social forum has started in Salvador, Brasil on March 13. About 60,000 people are expected to take part in the hundreds of activities happening simultaneously up to the 17th. We are sharing here our humanity, our certainty that another world is possible since we really desire and work for it. Information can be found on

Today we were shocked with the news of the murder of a young feminist activist in Rio de Janeiro, the whole Forum is paying respects to Marielle Franco. We do not want this to be another crime without  investigation and punishment in Brasil.

Resistance and Cultural Identity

World Assembly of Democracies took place on Pituaçu stadium.World Social Forum 2018, Salvador.
 It's a privilege to be here among so many people from all over the world, sharing the same dream of a world that aknowledges and respects the humanity in every single person as well as everybody's right to live with dignity, fraternity and peace. The world is bleeding because of injustice, greed, corruption, racism, war, violence against women and children, poverty, but we do believe a better world is possible, since we want it, since we care.

To watch the event

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Modern Times

This is what modern, educated and civilized people are doing to the planet. This video speaks for itself, thanks Rich Horner for sharing it with us. Food for thought in all schools of the world, specially in the countries who might have contributed to this and other forms of pollution, my country included.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

iEARN Girl Rising Community

When I was invited by Allen Witten and Mari Sekine to join iEARN Girl Rising Community I loved the idea. Our world can be a very unfair place especially if you were born a GIRL! On top of victims of poverty, violence, slavery and all sorts of statistics to show the proportions of such injustice are WOMEN! This community alerts and also takes action to denounce and fight this situation.
Education is the most powerful resource to change this reality. According to Ismar Soares in his educommunication research the young participants of these projects express the desire to find in the cultural production through the use of ICT the possibilities of transformation of local reality. They open to a critical understanding of social reality and raise their interest in participating in the construction of a more just society, confirming their vocation for the democracy. 
Considering the importance of education and students engagement in collaborative projects a few iEARN members decided to create iEARN Girl Rising Community to help their students exchange on this matter. Students investigate the site, watch the video, produce collaborative work to raise awareness in their communities as well as to exchange with other countries and I was invited to join them. However, as a retired teacher it is not easy for me to engage students in a school project, this is why I decided to share the information with teachers who might be interested in joining Allen and Mari and their students. I hope you appreciate the site , click on  “for educators”, then “curriculum and tools”.. You can also e-mail Allen Witten on if you're interested in participating. 

From my friend Ashraf Noorani:

'Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed.' 

Friday, 12 January 2018

iEARN 2018 Conference

Global Collaboration for Sustainable Development is the theme for the annual iEARN Conference this year. The 2018 International Conference and Youth Summit coincides with the 30th Anniversary of iEARN, which started in 1988 with the first project collaborations between schools in New York and schools in Moscow. The iEARN annual conference is an important, in-person gathering to celebrate ongoing virtual work and has been hosted by a different country each year since 1994. The event will reinforce communications and develop partnerships between educators and youth locally, regionally, and globally, and will provide an opportunity for educators and youth to share successful classroom project examples and develop new collaborative project ideas. In addition to educator and youth led workshops, the event also features cultural excursions, culture nights, and keynotes by leaders working in the fields of global education and virtual exchange. Take a look at the conference site

iEARN is represented in Brazil by the NGO Educadores Globais  which has been promoting public schools participation since 2007. All iEARN projects are created and proposed by the participating schools. There are currently three projects from Brazilian schools in this platform: Hands For Peace, created by teacher Almerinda Garibaldi, the president of iEARN Brasil; Hip Hop on The Spot, created by teacher Rose Rocha, arts teacher and rapper and International Youth Press, created and implemented in all municipal schools from São Paulo by teacher Carlos Lima. You can check these and many other projects and join them in the site 

For more information visit our FB or get in touch by email 

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Talking about racism

28 Documentaries about racism in Brazil. Yes, we must talk about racism.

1) Menino 23

2) Chacinas nas periferias

3) The Colour of Money - A História do Racismo e do Escravismo

4) Raça Humana

5) O negro no Brasil

6) Ninguém nasce assim

7) Racismo Camuflado no Brasil

8) Negro lá, negro cá

9) Vidas de Carolina

10) Negros dizeres

11) Mulher negra

12) Negro Eu, Negro Você

13)A realidade de trabalhadoras domésticas negras e indígenas

14) Espelho, Espelho Meu!

15) Open Arms, Closed Doors

16) The Brazilian carnival queen deemed 'too black'- A Globeleza que era negra demais

17) Boa Esperança - minidoc

18) Você faz a diferença

19) Memórias do cativeiro

20) Quilombo São José da Serra

21) 7%

22) Olhos azuis

23) Pele Negra, Máscara Branca

24) Introdução ao pensamento de Frantz Fanon

25) Invernada dos Negros 

26) A negação do Brasil

27) Sua cor bate na minha

28) História da Resistência Negra no Brasil

'If there is one thing we must talk about it  is our racism!'