Saturday, 9 July 2016

Holiday Times In Sampa

It's holidays and I decided to take Happy Bear to get a glimpse of São Paulo. We went to Rua 25 de Março where people can get amazing bargains. It is very famous for its popular shops which attracts people from all over the country. You can learn more about it

 São Bento Monastery is also in the neighborhood is a church located in São PauloBrazil. Established on 14 July 1598, the current church was built between 1910 and 1914 

 There are several coffee shops near by and also Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil where we visited THE TRIUMPH OF COLOR: POST IMPRESSIONISM art exhibition.



I think Happy Bear is loving São Paulo, especially on holidays.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Happy Bear in Paraty

Happy Bear comes from Tainan in Taiwan to stay with João Pinheiro School for the year.It is holiday times in most schools in Brazil before the beginning of second semester. School year starts generally in February and goes up to December. 

 Happy Bear enjoyed a short trip to Rio de Janeiro with me, we visited the city of Paraty. It is a historical city , preserved almost as it used to be in colonial times.

 The weather in Paraty is very hot in summer, but extremely pleasant in winter, ideal for FLIP, which can be translated as the International Festival of Literature in Paraty. The whole city is organized to receive visitors and offers various literary activities, lectures, workshops, storytelling, poetry recitation, theater and much more.

This is the replica of a caiçara home, as  the traditional inhabitants are called in the southeastern and south coast of the country, the population originates from miscegenation between indians, blacks and whites. Its main activity is the fishing and agriculture.

 They used clay and wood to make their homes and the roof was covered with straw.

The traditional way of life caiçara population is being threatened. Large corporations want their lands to build tourist resorts and apartment buildings. There are conflicts that are often violent.  The population of Trindade was mourning the death of one of his sons in a conflict.

 The festival takes the whole week and happens since 2003. Writers from Brazil and abroad come to this festival which is attended by teachers, students and lit lovers in general.

I hope you have enjoyed our trip to Paraty. 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Teddy Bear Project - Brazil & Taiwan

In this diary, kids from Taiwan share wonderful experience with us. Teddy Bear Project has helped us to learn a lot from different culture in the world as we have already interacted with Argentina, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Lebanon, Pakistan, Peru,Taiwan and United States. Thank you for sharing your culture with us.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Longan Fruit - Lichia

Happy Bear brought a jar full of brown seeds. In fact they are Longan Fruit, very similar to our Lichia. Kids eat the fruit, plant the seeds and use the shell to make beautiful school work.

Longan Fruit


Saturday, 23 April 2016

Travelling from Taiwan to São Paulo

Happy Bear travelled a long distance from Taiwan to São Paulo.

She lives in Tainan city in Taiwan.

Chinese Yo Yo is very popular among kids. It is also called Diablo.

Happy Bear is a typical Moon Bear from China, she is black and has a white moon across her chest.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Happy Bear!bWelcome to São Paulo!

We are very happy to tell you that our little friend from Taiwan has arrived safe and sound to São Paulo. Kids can't wait to have their turn to host her for a day!

Happy Bear is a cute little bear, a black bear moon, she is black with a white moon on her chest, a typical Asian Black Bear. As I am retired now, Teacher Domenico will be in charge of the project and he loved the idea.

 Today was the welcoming day for Happy Bear. Our 3rd graders are very excited with the project.



 We will learn a lot from Taiwan, our friends have sent us a Chinese Yo Yo and a diary full of stories and beautiful drawings.

They have also presented us with some seeds.

 Teacher Dario and Natan are having fun with the yo yo.