Thursday, 5 October 2017

Guerrilla Girls

I've just attended an art exhibition at MASP and was amazed with the great work by Guerrilla Girls which is a group of feminist activist artists. their gorilla masks caught my attention right away and, most importantly, the attitude of revealing to the public how much women artists still suffer discrimination even in our days. I loved the exhibition and recommend it to all friends.

I would like to recommend their site for investigation and good reading.

To learn more about MASP

I've also included Guerrilla Girl's site in this blog reference which I suggest for further reading in English language.

Friday, 15 September 2017

International Youth Press

Mais um projeto brasileiro integra a plataforma de projetos colaborativos IEARN. Depois do Hip Hop on the Spot e do Hands for Peace chegou a vez do Imprensa Jovem fazer parte dessa proposta, graças ao dedicado trabalho do professor Carlos Lima, o qual tive o privilégio de apresentar na 2017 iEARN Conference em Marrocos ao lado da professora Rose Rocha. Quem ganha são nossos alunos e professores e seus projetos educomunicativos que poderão interagir com os mais de 130 países, 40 mil escolas, mais de 40 mil professores e 2 milhões de estudantes que participam hoje da iEARN. Na plataforma, somos o International Youth Press. Parabéns a todos os educomunicadores pela conquista.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017


These videos should be shown in all schools of the world and I do recommend them to all my students, ex students and their families as well. By the way, we are all members of the same family of humans.

Monday, 7 August 2017

iEARN 2017 Morocco - Conference Diary - Final

So many things happened since we arrived!

  And now we are ready to enjoy the sun.

Last trip to the Souk Market 


Bye Morocco

Are you ready for the next conference?
You bet I am.

iEARN 2017 Morocco - Conference Diary - Day 5 in pics & links part 2


The world as it should be. Everyone sharing life in its generosity, in its wealth, no matter where the other comes from. Five continents sharing friendship and peace in the form of teaching and learning experiences throughout conference week and now, time to say good bye.

According to Manuel Cardozo the score of our table was Brazil 02 X Argentina 05. We were happy anyway.
Here we have some recording of the dance.