Monday, 15 December 2014

Saleem in Sampa

The platform of Vila Matilde tube station was our starting point for the journey today. As kids are on holidays now, it was my turn to enjoy the day with Saleem, our guest from Lebanon.We soon arrived at our destination Luz Park. You can get to know it on

Luz Park is not big but it is very beautiful, full of charming spots.

We can see the tower of Luz Station at the background which is just opposite the park.

 The Park is full of sculpture work. The ones bellow were donated by the Lebanese artist  Odette Eid.

One of the reasons for many beautiful art work in the park is Pinacoteca Museum, where we can visit and enjoy really good exhibitions. You can visit the online collection on

Luz train station.

Another place to visit in the neighbourhood is Museu da Língua Portuguesa. It is a museum that tells the story of Portuguese Language.

 Then we caught the train and visited São Bento Monastery.Where Pope Bento XVI decided to stay when he visited São Paulo

Then we turned the second block on the left side of the Monastery and got to Ladeira Porto Geral, close to 25 de Março street, very crowded, a popular commercial spot of the city that attracts people from everywhere.

Santa Claus is greeting indifferent people who are more concerned on their own xmas shopping. People are always in a hurry here.

Our next destination was the Municipal Market, Mercadão do Parque D. Pedro
where we can find food from many parts or the world, a temple of gastronomy. Besides to buy good food, you can enjoy the restaurants and cafes. You'll need a friend to help you with the incredible mortadella sandwiches. Pretty big these ones.

Back to São Bento Monastery before we move on. We joined a group of tourists who were gathered together for a Free Walking Tour through the city. We learned that they have a site and the tours are free of charge, visit their site:

Viaduto Santa Efigênia

Street food for all tastes.

Then we visited the Santa Cyclist at Prefeitura building where the mayor fo the city, Mr. Haddad works.

... and the huge and beautiful map of Brasil inside the building.

We finished our city tour here at Conjunto Nacional building in the company of the holy family. It is a very nice place for its bookshops, cafes, restaurants and cinemas.

Keep checking for news on Teddy Bear Project. Next time,Arzeh and Mahee will have a ladies tour through São Paulo.

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