Sunday, 25 October 2015

Paulista Avenue on Sunday!

It was a delightful Sunday having Paulista Avenue only for people. kids enjoying ice creams, skipping rope, strolling with their pets, people riding their bikes, skates or doing absolutelly, deliciously nothing! Old and young, rich and poor, Brazilians and foreigners, me, Magali and Eddy. 

Trianon Park was our first stop. It is not very big but very enjoyable. I found some information about the Park on

Magali, the guinea pig from Peru.

Magali looks at MASP, the arts museum where there is also a popular market on Sundays visit also

Eddie, the echidna from Australia

Our next destination was Casa das Rosas (House of Roses) , a very important site which hosts good exhibitions and cultural events

Roses everywhere! 

 39th International Films Festival is taking place in São Paulo. You can check the schedule on

We stopped by to watch a Capoeira group. Capoeira is i a Brazilian Martial Art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music


Totally different with the cars and the chaos back at the end of the day. Hope to see you next Sunday!

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