Monday, 26 March 2018

Sorria, você está na Bahia!

Yes! Smile, you're in Bahia! A message of welcome to tourists in general and it wouldn't be different to the thousands of participants who were in Salvador for the 13th World Social Forum. People who have come from all corners of the planet to think together a more sustainable, fairer and happier world. Is it possible? We can not stop trying. It was a real privilege to have participated in this experience, of course I could not take part in all the hundreds of activities that happened simultaneously in the Federal University of Bahia and in several points of Salvador. However there are a few sites and photos of some moments of this great world meeting I would like to share with you, starting with a few pics of the first-day march that culminated at Praça Castro Alves.

It was impressive to see the university opened to all communities to discuss education, environment issues, health, security, agroecology, human rights, equality, non violence, prejudice, racism, etc

 Carolina de Jesus, Brazilian writer, was remembered through the installation "The Trash Room" about her most famous book, about poverty and the hard life in the favelas (slums) of Brazil.  

On March the 14th, we were both shocked and revolted with the killing of the activist and council woman Marielle Franco. Many activities in the forum were dedicated to protest against this act of outrageous violence against women, human rights and dignity which reverberated around the world, even Pope Francisco phoned her mother to express his sadness and condolences.

Besides to march in protest, this tribute was made in her memory and will be exhibited in Rio de Janeiro.

Learn more about the World Social Forum - 2018, Salvador.

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