Wednesday, 17 January 2018

iEARN Girl Rising Community

When I was invited by Allen Witten and Mari Sekine to join iEARN Girl Rising Community I loved the idea. Our world can be a very unfair place especially if you were born a GIRL! On top of victims of poverty, violence, slavery and all sorts of statistics to show the proportions of such injustice are WOMEN! This community alerts and also takes action to denounce and fight this situation.
Education is the most powerful resource to change this reality. According to Ismar Soares in his educommunication research the young participants of these projects express the desire to find in the cultural production through the use of ICT the possibilities of transformation of local reality. They open to a critical understanding of social reality and raise their interest in participating in the construction of a more just society, confirming their vocation for the democracy. 
Considering the importance of education and students engagement in collaborative projects a few iEARN members decided to create iEARN Girl Rising Community to help their students exchange on this matter. Students investigate the site, watch the video, produce collaborative work to raise awareness in their communities as well as to exchange with other countries and I was invited to join them. However, as a retired teacher it is not easy for me to engage students in a school project, this is why I decided to share the information with teachers who might be interested in joining Allen and Mari and their students. I hope you appreciate the site , click on  “for educators”, then “curriculum and tools”.. You can also e-mail Allen Witten on if you're interested in participating. 

From my friend Ashraf Noorani:

'Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things they are transformed.' 

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