Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Happy Bear and the Olympic Torch

We were very fortunate to receive the visit of teacher Carlos Lima, who took part in the Olympic torch relay and came to share his story with us.

Happy Bear, who came from Shinshan School in Taiwan and is spending some time in Brazil at EMEF Pres. João Pinheiro loved participating in the torch relay with our students.

Besides to be a language teacher, Carlos Lima has coordinated for over ten years the program Nas Ondas do Rádio, which is responsible to bring educommunicative projects in our schools. After participating in a contest, he was one of those chosen to participate in the Olympic torch relay Rio 2016.
3rd A - Ms Maria da Penha's Students


 3rd B - Ms Letícia's Students

3rd C Ms Gabriela's students

The best welcoming committee in the world.

Complete interview coming soon. 

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