Sunday, 20 December 2015

News from Taiwan!

This is Dilma Pinheiro. She is in Taiwan since August with teacher Chi-Chen Wu and his students. Teddy Bear Project has helped us to get in touch with  
- Argentina - Patagonya, teacher Marcos Fuentealba; 
-Australia- Victoria, teacher Ross Mackenzie and Melbourne teacher, Joan Price;
 - Belarus, teacher Jane; 
- Canada- Bradford teachers Mali Bickley and Jim Carletom;
 - Lebanon - Saida, teacher Natasha Habli;
 - Pakistan - Sindh, teachers Nissa and Fouzia;
 - Peru - Huánuco, teacher Carlos Chiu;
 -  Taiwan - Tainan teachers Fifi and Chi-Chen Wu;
- United States - Massachusets, teacher Heidy Ganser and Washington, teacher Lashaunda Robinson. 

Kids from Taiwan created a blog to share Dilma Pinheiro's experiences in their school. It is a great blog. Take a look


  1. Just checked the blog about the Dilmas experiences. Wonderful reading them and will be helpful for me training my kids. Thanks a lot.
    Regards,government jobs

  2. Now as we have just received a teddy bear from Taiwan, the adventure continues here in Brasil.