Saturday, 7 November 2015

Delicious decisions!

Dilma Pinheiro is enjoying her staying in Taiwan and, of course, Taiwanese food. 


Cake with pumpkin taste!

   The building is a district affairs office before , it is built in 1934 ,

it is in Sinhua Dist., Tainan City , Taiwan

Fried chicken.

Sweet potatoes in golden oil.


Tapioca is one of my favorite snacks when I am home. It is very easy to make. As it has a neutral flavour you can add your favorite ingredients and make them salty or sweet.

I like it served with black coffee.

 Tapioca starch can be found at the supermarket. 

 3 or 4 spoons will sufice.

When it is hot we can add cheese ore butter or something sweet like chocolate or fruit. There are many possibilities.

Our students Júlia Bernardes and Júlia Brezan also decided to contribute to our posting sending us some delicious home made food.

Potato and lettuce salad with barbecue and 'Farofa' which  most important ingredient is cassava flour. This was Julia Bernardes' lunch.

Chicken with spinach and rice.
 'Polenta' with a bolognesa dressing. Italian food such as 'polenta' is very common in Brazil. This was Julia Brezan's lunch. Yummy!

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