Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Teddy Bear Project - November Diary

Dear All

Let's start with short notes about our bears according to the group:

3º A

Maria Eduarda is returning to Brazil. She had the time of her life in Canada with teacher Mali Bickley and her students. Their blog is where you can find lots of photos.

Brad Ford has just returned from his trip to Rio de Janeiro where he visited many beautiful places in the wonderful city together with Sunny, the bear from Taiwan. Check our album:
Cinelandia Tube Station
Copacabana Beach
Fine Arts National Museum
Cardeal Arco Verde Tube Station


Cristal went to the Theatre in Belarus and teacher Evgenia students are taking care of her. Varya is still stuck in Curitiba and you can track her number in the site, her track number is: RR 901 902 655 BY. I have just received some photos, you can see the complete album on


After having been lost for a few days, Sunny's adventures are still far from the end. He and Brad Ford from Canada became close friends and enjoyed together a trip to Rio de Janeiro. Take a look at the complete album at . Teacher Fifi has also sent Teddy back to Brazil and you can track him in the site, his track number is EE 206 218 678 TW

Tarsila do Amaral, Brazilian Painter, Self Portrait

Municipal Theatre in Rio de Janeiro

Fine Arts National Museum

National Libray
Bus trip to Copacabana
Fine Arts National Museum

Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Brazilian Writer Statue

Sand Castle at Copacabana Beach

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